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1935 Packard – Found

Earlier this year, Mick Godbold’s wife Jan started searching for the 1935 Packard they hadn’t seen since 1967.  And now with the help of the Packard Club it’s been found.

Jan tells us Mick owned the car, a blue 1935 120 saloon registration CMT 972, from 1958 to 1967.   He bought it from a coal man in Shepherds Bush and was told that it had been in the 1935 Earls Court motor show and was the car of the managing director of Packard UK Leonard Williams. Mick had known the car before he bought it as he lived in Barnes where the Packard was taken to Mr Nash’s garage to have it serviced, which was Mick’s local garage.  The coal man had a re-bore or re-sleeve done but didn’t want to spend more so Mick bought the car and had the bottom half done. It was then garaged at Mr Nash’s. 

It was used daily for several years but as the fuel prices rose (at 10 miles per gallon) Mick had it garaged and bought another car. Then, when Mick and Jan married at the end of 1966, couldn’t afford the £1 per week garage fee, so in 1967 Mick gave up the car for Jan.  That’s why with Mick’s eyesight beginning to fail Jan’s been so desperate to find it.  Jan says he sometimes jokes about him getting rid of the wrong thing (well she hopes it’s a joke).

Now, with a lead from the Packard club Jan and Mick have found the car and have been to see it in Harlow.  

The current owner, Barry, had said that the car wasn’t pretty but they were quite sad to see that the Packard hasn’t had any TLC probably since Mick sold her in 1967. It would seem that it hasn’t been driven for the last 25 years as Barry has had it stored since 2002 and the previous owner had it stored too for 12 years.  Mick had an accident in her when the car in front braked suddenly, he avoided a collision but hit the river wall instead!  He knocked out the dent and painted it with grey primer - it is still there!  Barry also has the log book with Mick’s 2 hand written entries, that was lovely to see!

Finding the car was something that Jan thought it would never happen so they are absolutely delighted to see it again.

Finding the car was something that Jan thought it would never happen so they are absolutely delighted to see it again.

Packard CMT 972 when Mick owned it , 1960’s

How it used to look early 1960’s.

How it looks today.  

No one’s painted that fender yet and has that wiper ever moved?

Owners new and old.  Mick on the right.