Pre50 American Auto Club

Pre50AAC Baseball Cap.

This is a high quality Beechfield cap with the Pre50 badge logo embroidered onto the front panel. The cap contains a Rip-Strip
adjuster which means you can alter the cap to best fit you.  The front panel of the cap is hard in order to keep the structure and
shape of the cap yet the back panels are soft to provide you with comfort and a great fit.  Made from 100% cotton drill.

This would make a great Christmas gift for a friend, or you could drop a hint to your family that it would make a nice stocking
filler for you.

To get your badge simply complete the form below and we’ll send it on to you, or you can call David on 07798 818533 if you
want to order more than one.
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The cost is £9.00 plus £1.95 p&p.
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Pre50 American Auto Club
The club for enthusiasts of ALL Classic American vehicles
Pre50AAC Baseball Cap

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