Looking for a 1939 Buick Series 40


Do you know anything of this 1939 Buick Series 40?  These are two photos from 1950.













We have an enquiry that reads: "We left the UK in 1953 and at the time my father sold his 1939 Buick, Series 40 Dual Side Mount.   Registration at the time was FLP117.  I am simply wondering of it is still around, and if it has been, or might even be, waiting for restoration.  I am really just curious, nothing more, though I would love to see a recent photo of it."


So, if you know where it is or what may have happened to it, get in touch with Mel Lloyd or Luke Arnott, details on the contact page.



Searching for a 1925 Chrysler 6 Landaulette.   


In the mid 1920's an American, Clifton Adams from the National Geographic, went on an amazing photographic tour of Ireland and the UK in a Chrysler 6 Landaulette.   His instructions were to record the farms, towns, cities and residents at work and play.


He took the images in colour using Autochrome Lumière, the most advanced colour photographic process of the day.


If anyone knows the whereabouts of a Chrysler 6 Landaulette could they contact either Luke Arnott or Mel Lloyd (details on the contact page) as there is a plan to celebrate the photographic tours of Clifton Adams next year and such a vehicle would be of amazing assistance




Searching for a 1970 Olds Cutlass.   


One of our members is trying to track down his father in law's White 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, registration WPH597M.


He says “ my wife's dad drove it around Cheam / Sutton in Surrey in the 1990s. He was very much the larger than life American figure by all accounts and my wife used to curl up with embarrassment as a child being driven to school in such a huge auto. Her dad has sadly passed away and left no record of it, so it would mean the world to my wife if I could track it down”. 


If you have any ideas about its current whereabouts please get in touch with either Luke Arnott or Mel Lloyd (details on the contact page).



1934 Chrysler Airflow


Help is needed for someone trying to locate their old family car, a 1934 Chrysler Airflow 4 door sedan. 













From the photos you can see it was registered at that time as MG3450.  It’s right hand drive with black paint. 

The Airflow was last known in the 1960’s when the family sold it to someone in Chepstow,

who may in turn have passed it onto a museum.


If you think you have any information about where it is now, get in touch with Luke Arnott or Mel Lloyd,

details on the Contact page.