Welcome to the Pre'50 American Auto Club  --  the Pre50AAC

The Pre 50 American Auto Club is the biggest and best club in the UK catering for the lover of classic American cars,
trucks and bikes. It has attained an important place in vehicle preservation in the UK, helping to increase the awareness
and popularity of the classic American vehicle. The club is democratically run and controlled by all its members,
governed by a detailed constitution first adopted in 1967.

The club was founded to promote interest in the older American vehicle and to assist owners by locating parts and
offering advice.  

The club is open to anyone who either owns an American vehicle of any age or who supports the interests and
objectives of the club but does not own an American vehicle.
Our club president Alan Murphy introduces the Pre50AAC

Longstone Tyres

Purveyors of unusual Rubber Equipment to enjoy yourselves with at the weekend.


Club News



E10 Fuels.   


If you are concerned about the introduction of E10 fuels, this statement from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs clarifies the current position.



DVLA will accept Pre50AAC  Dating Certificates


Despite a number of members writing to their MP regarding DVLA intransigence over accepting our Dating Certificates, which resulted in us receiving written confirmation that the issue had been resolved, it appears the message has not reached all those who deal with such matters.


I heard that a member was told “the Pre 50 are not authorised by DVLA” and as a result will not renew his membership.


PLEASE contact me BEFORE you get in touch with DVLA to register a vehicle,otherwise you will deal with someone reading a script off a screen and who would not know what an Oldsmobile is if they fell over one.  


Luke Arnott

Hon Secretary



Ban on sale of new ICE cars from 2030. 


The FHBC have a press release on their position with the Government ban on sale of new cars with internal combustion engines from 2030.  You can read their statement here.


They have also appointed an Automotive Fuels Specialist whose focus is on ensuring combustion engine powered historic vehicles have a place to co-exist alongside electric vehicles on the roads of the future.  You can read about this appointment here.



Black and silver number plates.


There are some changes in the legislation around black and silver number plates.  From the 1st January 2021 only vehicles constructed before 1st January 1980 will be able to display black and silver number plates.  This replaces the current guidance which would have allowed any vehicle over 40 years old to have black and silver plates.


Here's the FBHVC notice on this. 



Rally of the Giants  --  Blenheim Palace  --  11th July 2021 


Many thanks to everyone who came along on the day and made it another a great show this year.


A record turn out, including loads of stunning cars that were new to the Giants. 


You can see photos and film of the day on our RoG page.





'59 Impala.


We have a request from Dave Barker who's looking a drive in a '59 Impala.  He says...


Hi, I was just wondering if you might be able to help me; it's my Dad's 70th birthday soon and he's mentioned he's always wanted to drive a 1959 Impala. I've had a look at various wedding car and film and TV hire sites- and I'm trying my luck with them- but they mostly require their vehicles to be chauffeur driven. Just wondering if you know of anyone on your roster that has a '59 Impala, or knows anyone who does/ can give me any pointers? Obviously happy to negotiate on price and any other stipulations, and happy to travel pretty much anywhere in the UK. His birthday is fairly soon- 26th April- but with Covid restrictions we're not necessarily expecting to do anything on the day itself, but it would be good to have something arranged by then that we can tell him about. Any help at all that you can offer would be great.


Many thanks,


Dave Barker


If you can help get in touch with Luke Arnott or Mel Lloyd.  Details on the Contact Page




'41 Buick Wishbone Fittings


Does anyone know where one of our members could get some wishbone fittings he's missing from his '41 Buick Eight Woodie?










If you do, get in touch with Mel Lloyd, details on the contact page.















Wingfield Show


One other car show that we're aware of on 18th July at Toddington Bedfordshire.  Details here.



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