Welcome to the Pre'50 American Auto Club  --  the Pre50AAC

The Pre 50 American Auto Club is the biggest and best club in the UK catering for the lover of classic American cars, trucks and bikes. It has attained an important place in vehicle preservation in the UK, helping to increase the awareness and popularity of the classic American vehicle. The club is democratically run and controlled by all its members, governed by a detailed constitution first adopted in 1967.

The club was founded to promote interest in the older American vehicle and to assist owners by locating parts and offering advice.  

The club is open to anyone who either owns an American vehicle of any age or who supports the interests and objectives of the club but does not own an American vehicle.


Eleanor Roosevelt Car - Drama Documentary Series on American First Ladies
Wanted for Filming 27th August

We have this request from October Film Studios.  Get in touch with Ed Sutton motoramic55@gmail.com if you’re interested.

“We are trying to re-create a scene from 1933 where Eleanor and her best friend Hick, take off against Secret Service advice (or knowledge) on a road trip to Quebec City. They stop along route for a roadside picnic.
Firstly just to mention there is NO stunting or chases or other cars involved .... filming is to take place on a large private Tudor Estate in North Norfolk. Roads are single lane solid carriageways with well sunken pea shingle. I have visited the area today and am happy with conditions being safe and robust for a vehicle of this era. Speeds will be to 20mph, there are a few passes being filmed at the car via traditional cameras and drones. The car will be featured static for the picnic scene on grass .... suitable extra vehicle matting will be supplied if conditions are damp.
What we are matching too is a light blue 1933 Buick Roadster. But priority is to the car must be a roadster and of a prestigious marquee so I feel from Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac & La Salle from GM, Lincoln from Ford or DeSoto , Packard and Chrysler all colours considered. As for years I think we could work from 1932 - 1937 as a broader range opener ... Ford, Chevrolet, Plymouth, Dodge etc I think are too plain and may not really be considered at this time. Obviously the car will require to be in good road going condition and all scenes involve the convertible top being down.
Filming is set to be the 27th of August for one day, arrangements for secure dry storage and accommodation even on the day of the 26th can be arranged and a pencil for the 28th has to be made as well if the weather does not cooperate.
I hope this provides some scope for options, if there is any other information you need please get back to me .... day rate for vehicle use is £1250 and we can also assist with transportation expenses too if necessary.
Ed Sutton motoramic55@gmail.com
Automotive Wrangler
For and on behalf of October Film Studios
RAF Coltishall”

Annual General Meeting

The club Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday October 27th.  See the member's home page for the details.

Pre50AAC Shows

November 2019           

The NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT:
8/9/10 November  --  Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 

Members Cars For Sale.   

Check our For Sale page to see the cars our members currently have for sale.

Pre50 Club Meetings in the Bristol area.   

See the news section on the Members front page for dates of our monthly breakfast meetings and evening meetings through 2019.

Pre50 Club Meetings in the London area.   

Club member Farrol Goldblatt is planning to set up the occasional Pre50 club meeting in the London area.  If you are interested in following this up with Farrol, you can see his contact details in the members pages (click here).

DVLA will accept Pre50AAC  Dating Certificates

Despite a number of members writing to their MP regarding DVLA intransigence over accepting our Dating Certificates,which resulted in us receiving written confirmation that the issue had been resolved,it appears the message has not reached all those who deal with such matters.

Today I heard that a member was told “the Pre 50 are not authorised by DVLA” and as a result will not renew his membership.

PLEASE contact me BEFORE you get in touch with DVLA to register a vehicle,otherwise you will deal with someone reading a script off a screen and who would not know what an Oldsmobile is if they fell over one.  

Luke Arnott
Hon Secretary

Our club vehicle  –  1964 Chevrolet C30 Panel Van.  

David Radcliffe-Watts has written a great article on the purchase and restoration of our club vehicle, a 1964 Chevrolet C30 panel van.  You can read the story here.

1934 Chrysler Airflow

Help is needed for someone trying to locate their old family car, a 1934 Chrysler Airflow 4 door sedan. 

From the photos you can see it was registered at that time as MG3450.  It’s right hand drive with black paint.  The Airflow was last known in the 1960’s when the family sold it to someone in Chepstow, who may in turn have passed it onto a museum.

If you think you have any information about where it is now, get in touch with Luke Arnott or Mel Lloyd, details on the Contact page.

Our Specialist Vehicle team are experts in finding the right insurance products for American classic cars.

We understand that finding tailored cover to provide you with all you need when you need it can be hard. So when it’s time to talk insurance, speak to people who share your passion and interest.

Club Badges

Pre50AAC chrome and enamel Grill Badges.  £16 including p&p and a fixing bracket.
Our club president Alan Murphy introduces the Pre50AAC

Club Baseball Caps

Pre50AAC branded Beechfield Ultimate Baseball Cap.   Cost £9.00 plus £1.95 p&p.